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Kinocolor Dyes for Tinting


This is a cardboard folder issued by Johnson & Sons, Cross Street, Finsbury, London.  It contains film samples of dyes available to tint films.  It was loaned to me by Tony Scott of Film and Photo Ltd. Johnson & Sons moved from Finsbury in 1927 to Hendon where eventually they became Johnson's of Hendon. Company History This folder predates that move as the address on the folder is Finsbury.

Lemon Yellow Canary Yellow Light Orange Pink Purple Violet
Dark Orange Orange red Fire Red Blue Marine Blue Blue Green
Crimson Carmine Magenta Emerald Grass Green Sap Green

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The thumbnails above have been scanned from the film samples but have been colour corrected to match the colours of the originals as close as possible.  It should be remembered that it is quite possible that the dyes might have faded, they are, however, very bright and striking colours although to my mind some of the names do not match the perceived colour.

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