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Film Length from Weight or Size of Reel

Here is a Film Length calculator; it will calculate the length of a roll from its weight or the size of the roll.  It is an Excel file. Feel free to download. Length Calculator

The screen capture below shows some data entered.  You can only input to the Green boxes; the result is shown in the Yellow boxes.


I hope you find it useful; let me know if there are any errors or any comments you might have.


  Diameter of Reel (ins) 7.5 INCHES          
          Thickness of Poly Film (ins): 0.0055  
  Weight of Reel in Kgs 3 Kgs     Weight per Ft (gms) 35mm


Size of Core (ins) 2 3 4        
  Length in Feet (from Diameter) 622 562 479        
  Length in Feet (from Weight) 35mm 1500 1500 1500        
  Length in Feet (from Weight) 16mm Only 3000 3000 3000        
  Footage Calculator              
   from Diameter of Roll or Weight              
          Weight per Ft (gms) 16mm


  Diameter of Reel (Cms) 13 CMS          
Size of Core (INCHS) 2 3 4   Thickness of Poly Film (ins): 0.0055  
  Length in Feet (from Diameter) 300 205 121        
          BRIAN PRITCHARD    

Calculation of Film Running Times:

If you want to calculate running times from Feet and Frames you will find an excel file here that will do it for you Running Time Calculator.xls It will calculate for 35mm, 28mm, 16mm, 9,5mm, Super 8mm and Standard 8mm.